Psychological Evaluations

psychological evaluations

We provide psychological evaluations for a variety of needs. Whether you are wanting an evaluation to help determine your diagnosis to aid treatment or you need an evaluation for other purposes we will work with you in a caring, compassionate, and confidential manner. Completing a psychological evaluation can be a great way to help determine treatment goals for therapy or psychiatric medication services. It enables mental health professionals to evaluate for a wide range of mental health problems in an efficient manner so that you can receive care targeted to your specific diagnosis.


Pre-Surgical Evaluations

Often, psychological evaluations are requested prior to a surgical procedure such as bariatric surgery, spinal surgery, or transplants. We are committed to helping you complete this step to determine any risk factors as well as coping skills that are related to good surgical outcomes. We will work with you and your physician to get a comprehensive evaluation completed quickly to enable you to determine the appropriateness of surgery from a psychological perspective.


Academic Evaluations

We provide a variety of psychological evaluations to aid in detecting problems related to academic performance. We provide academic achievement testing to help determine whether you may have a learning disability and to help determine ways to improve academic performance. We also offer testing for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder which can result in behavioral problems, difficulty focusing in school, and under-performing in courses such as math or science. Testing for intellectual function is a part of many of our academic evaluations and we are able to tailor our assessments to match your unique evaluation needs.


Developmental Services Evaluations

We will help you to complete a psychological evaluation which may be required to qualify for developmental disability services for individuals with needs related to autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, or other developmental disabilities. A developmental services evaluation will help to determine the level of support an individual with a developmental disability may need as well as the unique needs of the individual such as improving time management, improving money management, improving domestic skills, and many other targeted areas.


Additional Psychological Evaluations

We have experience with a variety of additional psychological evaluations including:

  • Competency Evaluations
  • Personality and Personality Disorder Evaluations
  • Anger Evaluations
  • Intellectual Ability Evaluations
  • Workforce Evaluations
  • Comprehensive Evaluations
  • Childhood Behavioral Problem Evaluations
  • and Many More!


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